Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ha Moon Vermicilli

The dish called 'Ha Moon Vermicilli' was concorted by the UK Chinese catering businesses (takeaways and restaurants) for the UK market.  The main characteristics of this dish is sweet and sour, with a hint of chillies.  The recipe is a variation of the Singapore Mee Hoon ( in UK curry powder is used ) and the Mee Hoon Goreng recipe ( where chillies are used ).  The word ' Ha Moon' is the cantonese word for 'Amoy' (Hokkein) or 'Xiamen' in mandarin.  This dish is purported to be from the 'Xiamen' region of China, however, this is an illusion created for the UK  and American dining market.

I have decided to put this on the net as my British born son could not find any recipe for 'Ha Moon Vermicilli' on the worldwide net.  This is not surprising as this is a fusion created in the West by the Cantonese catering personnel for the palate of the West.

Having carried out various research and tastings, herewith is 'The Recipe'

The Recipe ) For 2 persons

    2 packets of pre-soaked (fresh) vermicilli from Sainsbury, Morrison, Tesco, etc
    or use dehydrated rice vermicill ( soak enough noodles for two person)
    half of medium size onions, sliced thinly
    1tbsp cooking oil
    cup of small shrimps / chicken / pork (or combination)
    2 tbsp tomato ketchup
    3 red chillies blended ( pounded) with 3 garlic and 4 shallots
    salt to taste

    handful of beansprouts
    3 stalks of spring onions ( cut to 1 inch strips)
    1 tsp sugar ( or to taste and optional)
    half cup of boiled water ( optional)
    2 tsp dark soy sauce
    2 tsp light soy souce
    Lime or lemons to taste

1.    Put cooking oil in a non stick wok or pan and heat up.  (throw in few strands of beansprouts, when it sizzle, then the pan is ready to be used )

2.    Put the blended chillies, tomato ketchup, onions and shrimp ( or chicken or pork or combination ) and stir fry till fragrant on medium heat.,

3.    Once the mixture in the wok scented fragrant ( smells good), add in the rice vermicilli.  Mix throughly, again on medium heat.

4.    Add in the sugar, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce.  Mix throughly with the vermicilli.
    Test taste and adjust to taste.

5    Continue to stir fry till the noodles are well blended with the seasonings and the chillie mixture.  Still on medium heat.  Add water when necessary to keep the noodles from being too dry.  ( Noodles should be moist but not dry or wet )

6.    Note step 1 to 5 should take no longer than 10 minutes

7.    Once the noodles are ready to be plated.  Throw in the handful of beansprouts and spring onion. Put up the heat to as high as your hob can allow. Mix throughly for about 3 to 5 minutes or when the spring onions and the beansprouts had seared by the heat.
8.    Plate and served with two slices of fresh limes and a sprinkle of fresh coriander or mint.

In Malaysia and Singapore, this dish would be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or supper.  


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